What is a Record?

Business records represent the "results" of business transactions that your organization processes. Records usually include documents that are used to certify that an action has taken place. They may be legal documents, medical records, insurance records or taxes.

While not all documents are records, it becomes difficult to determine which documents should become records, not to mention where, when and how we should store those records. Capitol Filekeepers can help determine whether your documents classify as a record, and take care of all of the steps necessary to securily store these records.


What is Records Management?

Records management insures that an organization can find what they need when they need it in a cost-effective manner.

The costs of records management include cost of creation and replication, the cost of document storage ( filekeeping ) throughout the life cycle, and the cost of record access.

Through proper organization and the use of effective storage and filing, records management can be quite inexpensive.

Good records management not only saves you money, it offers you the best in document security and takes out the risks that many business face with confidential data management.

Fast, friendly document pick-ups in Illinois. Our uniformed employees will come to your home or business and securely remove sensitive documents for off site filekeeping storage.